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And then it was June... and how did it get to the middle of June?! With the month fast running away from us we thought we would share some teaser images from our new portfolio that we are busily building, uploading and even still photographing in some cases.

All the gardens you will see here are from our range of projects completed in the last year.

For a garden to be timeless it needs to combine modern elements with traditional techniques, materials and plants. That is the ethos at the heart of the gardens that we create, in the belief that they will all stand the test of time, maturing and settling nicely in to their environments. We design and build gardens in towns, countrysides and villages throughout Oxfordshire and beyond, and no two briefs have ever been the same.

There will always be trending favourites and common links as garden tastes and styles evolve in the UK, but  you are all unique, so every project is then bespoke...

and we therefore always aim to bring that something special to the table just for you and your garden. Not to be generically repeated again, it can be that one of a kind element (or many in some cases!) that sets your garden apart as your own unique space.

The style and period of your house is integral to the garden design.

From town houses,

to new builds,

converted properties

and country houses,

we will always create a garden to fit in with the style of your home, alongside imprinting it with your signature style.

Front of house

Your front of house and garden give the first impression of your home and the last. A well designed one can have a lasting affect. It is the space that welcomes you home, greets your visitors and bids you farewell each day so it should be more than just a place for cars and wheelie bins!

At the front of our client homes we always like to create a 'look' that acts as a pre-cursor to the interior of their homes and any gardens that lay beyond - whether that is a courtyard, average sized back garden or a vast landscape.

And, of course a great front door is always the essential link in a front of house garden scheme!

We have favoured Farrow & Ball colours for projects over recent years, with Railings and Downpipe as the firm favourites for those period houses with a distinctive interiors edge.

The colours tie in well with planting schemes and the period characteristics of the properties.

These classics will sustain the test of time but some brighter colours are starting to trend now...

This is quite exciting and great to work with from our point of view.

We were interviewed for last months issue of the interiors magazine Ideal Homes in our own digs, regarding our approach to design and the relationship between homes and gardens, including our own.

We talked about the company's garden projects and our mission to bring the outside in and the inside out seamlessly,

illustrated by designing out door rooms, displaying flowers indoors cut from the garden and by connecting colours and themes between the interior and exterior.

Also last month we discussed the topic of edible gardens with Liz Nicholls for the Oxford Times Homes & Gardens section.

We looked at ways this can apply to people that live in towns or gardens with limited space, as well as those residing in the country and in homes with generous gardens.

This year, summer for all of us should be about being outside with total ease, and for bringing some of the wonders of our gardens inside again with just the same repose. So we thought, what better way to entice us then, than by having fresh and tasty edible plants to add to our meals right at our fingertips.

We try to cover topics in the Homes & Gardens section that are about garden design and lifestyle,

but our ideas are always founded in reality as we try out and test everything that we suggest! Here we looked at creating pop up herb gardens and growing edible flowers alongside them.

This Summer

in between the great British Summer rain showers...

we hope you will all enjoy a bright, long and healthy season.

Join us here for more blogs full of blossoms, blooms, butterflies and bumblebees! Along with

bespoke gardens, land art and exterior inspirations, and whether you live in town or in the country...

have yourself

... a very British Summer 2014, indeed.

All gardens and photographs : Hendy Curzon Gardens

Projects included here : Judges House, Playwrite's Barn, North End, Norham Gardens, Chalfont front of house, Bijou & Jardin.

"It's a modern take on period style" : Ideal Homes magazine, interview by Ann Broad, Photographer Colin Poole.

'Taste of Summer" : Homes & Gardens, Oxford Times, editor Liz Nicholls, words by Adrienne Curzon. Photographs and cover by Hendy Curzon Gardens.