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Kirsty Mitchell : Wonderland series

HC Cut Flower gardens

Gucci Garden : Chelsea 2014

Cut Flower combo from our HC nursery garden this week

Welcome to our first blog for May. Flower fever is everywhere, continuing the Floral Couture trend we have been discussing here for the last year now. From catwalks to interiors - the craving for flora fashion and design looks to be gaining some momentum now. We are especially excited that brand Gucci will be participating in the Chelsea Flower show this month.

The concept for the Gucci show garden is based on the brand's signature Flora print. For Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci it marks a significant step in Gucci's creative portfolio. "Flora was the very first iconic design motif from Gucci's storied past that I decided to revive and reinterpret, " Giannini said. 

 "Since then I have used it on bags, dresses, scarves and as an inspiration for a series of fragrances."

The Flora print originated in a design for a scarf for Grace Kelly,

then following this, an official release came about in 1966. The Flora print went on to be a hugely coveted design on Gucci scarves in the 60s and 70s - seen to be synonymous with chic, stylish women.

Since then the print has remained a key part of the Gucci identity and we cant wait to see it come to life at Chelsea this month.

Alongside the unabating floral trends this year we see butterfly motifs becoming a popular theme. Pictured above is the Butterfly bench from Rockett St. George who are extending their unique homewares boutique in to the realms of gardens.

Butterfly by Eduardo Garcia Campos

FlowerBomb scent by Viktor & Rolf

May heralds the peak of Tulip season. We planted thousands and thousands across our Cotswolds projects last Autumn. Pictured above are the Tulip snakes at HC North End Garden.

Bringing some outside in...

well, we say it here all the time so we can't really encourage you enough!

Pictured here : Cut flowers from a townhouse garden

(Neiman Marcus Spring 2014 collection)

Prairie Style above : displaying large bunches of Cow Parsley from a country garden.

Nature's way this May 

So if you go down to the woods today you really are in for a big surprise! The naturalised Bluebells in the Cotswolds are staggering this year. We have never witnessed quite such a bold display as 2014's.

If you are out walking, cycling, driving glance towards woodland hills and you are very likely to see a bold band of blue just hovering. Once you spot it you'll see it everywhere. If you can make a trip soon to a woodland near you will find it was well worth it. We took these pictures just a stones throw away from our depot. Just, on this occasion don't bring some outside in though... you are not allowed to pick the native Bluebells!

For the last few years we have been sharing Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series here - the awe inspiring and enchanting floral and woodland photographic project that has a massive following by now. This season sees the epic project drawing to its conclusion.

Mitchell's series of photographs are a tribute to her late mother, who spent her life as an english teacher inspiring generations of children with her imaginative stories and plays.

'The last dance of the flowers' sees the final chapter to Mitchell's touching tribute to her mother, Maureen. A project of this magnitude, spanning 5 years in total, is an inspiration and a testament to the power of channeling grief and loss in to something of sheer brilliance. Mitchell will inspire generations to come.

No less than one thousand fresh flowers dress Mitchell's final model in the series. We share this last imagery at the end of this blog.

Kirsty Mitchell has been named the first female Nikon UK ambassador for Fine Art Photography.

Floral Country

And last in our floral frontiers trends blog this week is the wonderful Floral motif Wellington boots from Hunter no less. For chic gardeners and ramblers!

Tulips on our nursery table in May

The last dance of the flowers by Kirsty Mitchell

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