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This February we are celebrating the lovely bones of Winter gardens when all is toned down to its natural pared-back beauty. Landscapes and gardens take on new forms in Winter. The light that is cast and the muted palettes can be appreciated alongside the structures and plants that we place or occur naturally in landscapes.

Winter Gardens Hendy Curzon

 If you have followed our projects portfolio and this blog over the years you will know that we always welcome and cherish these colder months when the simpler stages of outside give us all a period of respite - after the glory of Autumn and just before the explosion of Spring in the gardens & landscapes that we create.

In Winter the little details can shine brightest and the natural look of materials, bare tree structures, lighting and thoughtful design of evergreens, render Winter gardens and landscapes in to a period of wonder and enchantment... especially if they are cast in snow or frosts. Take a look and see...

Camil Tulcan, Visual Therapy

Nagano House TNA Architects

Marianne Boesky

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Pared-back Winter homes & gardens

Hawthorn Tompkin's phased extentsion campus

'The Forest's floor Courtyard' in February by Hendy Curzon Gardens

Looking good in February : on our nursery table - various Ferns and Dogwoods.

Here go in the new lovely bones to this historical front of house garden project in a Cotswolds village. Our design and build sympathetically combines restoration and reclaimation with modern techniques and structural planting... and the rest of this project? Wait until Spring for the first reveal. We aim to stop traffic.

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