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Well the big chill is truly upon us this week here in the UK. Spring was just around the corner… wasn’t it? We remain ever hopeful as we reach for our thermal socks instead of our flip-flops. We have rounded up some floral couture inspiration for the blog this week in hope that it gets us all a buzzing about again, like busy little creative bees, as we should so rightfully be at this time of year.

Bee on lips for Vogue 1995, Photographer Irving Penn

The margins between lifestyle, design, art, interiors, nature, architecture and fashion are narrowing, as one and the other influence each other. Fashion houses are trending towards statement interiors, homewares are replicating catwalk fashions and so on. Nature has always had its influences over design and fashion but this Spring it seems like everybody is thinking about bringing the outside in. Editorials, catwalks and advertisements are just bursting with blossom. In this post we bring you the very best and most innovative of floral couture, both past and present. 

Spring IS coming…

Vogue Russia

Vanessa Paradis photographed for H&M Spring 2013 collection

Danil Golovkin for Collezioni 

Naomi Watts  for Vogue Australia

Wonderland series by Kirsty Mitchell

Twiggy Vogue 1967, Photographer Richard Avedon

 by Mattijs Van Bergen, fashion designer & Anouk Vogel, landscape architect
Vogue Italia

Marilyn Monroe for Vogue 1962, Photog. Bert Stern. Her last sitting.

Taylor Swift Teen Vogue 2011

Oh miss flower shoot Photog. Bo-Lee for Vogue Korea 2010

Arizona muse by Inez & Vinoodh Vogue Paris 2011

Dior haute couture set by Mark Colle. A million flowers... more on that later.

Photog. Irving Penn, fashion photographer

Photog. Patrick Demarchelier

Savage beauty, floral couture dress by Alexander McQueen

in to the blue


Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland Series to date, 2013

Colour Crash

 Alice Burdeu Vogue Australia by Floral Tribute photographer Troyt Coburn

Yulia Gorbachenko NY photo Fashion

Carolyn Murphy for Vogue US 2013

Suresh Natarajan for Vogue beauty


Hot house flowers

Givenchy’s ‘Victorian Rose Punk’ heads photo Victoria Will

Irving Penn for Vogue


 Kati Nescher, Photog. by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany

 seeing red

Photog. Tim Walker for Vogue UK

Garden of Delights shoot Vogue US,  Photog. Steven Meisel

Irving Penn

Harpers Bazaar Floral Shoot, Photog. Mark Seliger

Photog. Mario Testino for Vogue US

dress green


Haute Culture for How to Spend it 2012, Photog. Damien Fox

Moss collar by Tara Boooth Mooney centre for sustainable fashion at the London college of fashion

Oscar de la renta Vogue UK collection for Balmain. Photog. Peter Lindbergh

Photog. Steven Meisel

Lady Gaga Vogue US 2011, Photog. Mario Testino. Wearing Alexander McQueen. Floral artistry Thierry Boutemy

Tye Sokkvan in Burberry for Vulture 2013. Photog. Lester Lai. Floral artist Dan Takeda

Floral Couture by Alexander McQueen

Feel a little bit of a hop, skip and a jump coming on yet? Maybe a roly-poly down a hill or a prance through a meadow perhaps? If you are not feeling the spring in your step just yet then maybe this last blast of inspiration might help...

spring greens

Garden of Delights shoot for Vogue US. Photog. Steven Meisel

Runway 2013 by Raf Simons for Christian Dior

Chanel's Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture collection Paris

Takaya Hanayuishi male Floral Couture

Lee Jong Hyun for Vogue Girl Korea 2012

by Mattijs Van Bergen, fashion designer & Anouk Vogel, landscape architect

Yardley campaigne by London based artist & polymath Petra Storrs Art Director

strike a posy

Madonna for Louis Vuitton. Photog. Steven Meisel

Well it seems like Madge got in on the act some time ago...

Madge sourced from Fashion limbo

Well that's it. We hope you liked this post. We are in the Oxford Times Homes & Gardens section again this week so if you are local make sure you pick up a copy. Liz Nicholls has had a lot of fun with this month's issue and it will inspire you if you love interiors and garden design. (We particularly like the cover this month). We have been talking to Liz about... well, you'll just have to wait and see. The good news is that it will be availble in e-version via Twitter, The Oxford Times and us tomorrow.

We hope all this Spring fervor and inspiration hasn't gone to your heads!

Buxus head- Oleksandr Hnatenko

& as promised... Dior haute couture set by Mark Colle. A million flowers...