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As the extended Jubilee Bank holiday nears and with Chelsea around the corner, we are looking forward to a very British summer. Providing it's not one of these...

or these

More like this please...

The rain seems to have eased so now we just await the 'warm' factor.

We hope this blog helps you to start looking forward to a lovely summer season.

Hen & Hammock

not on the high street

Stuart Rattle

Euphoria chairs by Paola Navone

Field Candy

East of India

The outdoor Chesterfield by Clubland

Vintage Cut flowers by Vic Brotherson


Feeling warmer yet?

Next week: Chelsea

and then...

The Jubilee

Join us for the ultimate garden party...

- a Hendy Curzon Garden -

We will leave you with Jake and the giant Beanstalk. For more on our current projects pop over and join us on facebook.

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