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If only Edward Scissorhands was real and employable... (we'd have him) . -  That time has finally come around again when everyone's gardens can get clipped and shaped. 

Although it requires a lot of zipping around and effort we really love this time of year because it's when the gardens that we create start to get streamlined.

All this week we have pruned and trimmed and clipped and tended and cared...

For the new gardens it marks the stage that they make the transition in to their intended state and for the established ones they simply get smartened up.

The Contemporary Cotswold Garden - new level and new photos coming to our web portfolio this weekend.

New. Family garden -  coming to our web portfolio very soon.

New. Family garden -  coming to our web portfolio this weekend.

We are just relieved that we didn't have to deal with this -

or this

Levens Hall, Cumbria. (It's the oldest topiary garden in the world - designs dating back to the 1690's)

or this...

or these

or that

Longwood Gardens Philadelphia

or we would start resembling this...

Instead we have dealt with things like this

and this

New. Family garden -  coming to our web portfolio this weekend.

We have a few more weeks of Tulips but then their time draws to an end. It was unfortunate that we had the freak storms last weekend...

Some of those poor Tulips got their heads bashed in

and others lost their heads altogether...

But we'll be keeping ours