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Letters and other memorabilia displayed at the Courtauld exhibition Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parallel reveal that Mondrian was a less forbidding character than his white spaces, precise grids and strict use of primary colours might suggest. As a tribute to the great master of modernism we have collated visuals from around the globe to illustrate how Mondrian’s avant-garde influences still have relevance and vision in the contexts of our gardens, architecture and landscapes today.

Hundehaus cubix

The Hudson by Phillippe Starck

Colour blocking also equals the absence of colour

Marisposa chair

31 Table

Miami Mondrian Hotel

Mini Desk Garden Haute Culture

Eu/phoria garden chairs by Paola Navione

the Stitch Chair by Adam Goodrum

For interesting insights on the Nicholson // Mondrian exhibition and thoughts on their influences go to John Brookes

We hope this blog lifted your thoughts and spirits past the drudgery of the last month (notice how we didn't say the "R" word once?). Just remember - May is around the corner...

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