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Welcome  to our exterior design blog. It's an amazing year for autumn colour and light. It has been so mild that the leaves have been able to develop some stunning colours - some trees even performing on a spectrum we rarely get to see. In this post our focus is clearly on celebrating this season and showcasing an autumn reloaded by way of trees that stand poignantly and sculpture that stands subjectively in our landscape.

'honour tradition by challenging convention' - Moomoo 2016

The images in this post are from wanderings through the Yorkshire Sculpture park, client projects in Burford, Kingham and Dorchester, and Harcourt Arboretum & Botanical garden Oxford.

We would like the contents of this blog to speak for itself

Back in 2012 we posted a blog called Landscapes reloaded and, amongst many other artists, we explored the effect of a Kaws sculpture set against the countryside as a form of land art. As there are only two weeks left now to witness the magic of these ultra modern and urban artworks in the British countryside we felt we had to go and see them and share the sheer scale of these sculptures against this mature landscape.

Also at the YSP is the new exhibition from Not Vital, both outdoors and underground - we cant encourage you enough to go and see how stunningly clever this is. That said, there are so many amazing artworks at YSP - after all these years it was a highlight seeing a Nikki de Saint Phalle sculpture.

Autumn reloaded resources, click on the links } Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Harcourt Arboretum & Botantical Garden Oxford, The Bield Burford - see it's seasonal evolvement, North End Dorchester - see it through night and day, The Potager Kingham - coming to our portfolio soon.  For the Kaws effect and to understand the journey & subjectivity of this artist go straight to  for download and 


On this occassion all images are by Sophie White, Nick, Adrienne & the Wains  ©autumn reloaded 2016