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Welcome  to the exterior design blog. Yay, it's Friday! Summer has yet to put in an appearance, we have the jet stream to blame for that. Regardless, we are busy as ever and looking forward to showing the latest projects completed and in the works for 2016-2017. For now, we thought we would give you a few sneaky peeks in and around, and behind the scenes from our Design Barn. It's taking shape...

Contemporary Cottage style homegrown cut flowers

In the Modern Prairie patch } The tests with black Poppies and Cornflowers have been very successful

The new corten signs have been installed

The grand Oak tree got a green carpet worthy of it's majesticity

In the works } The barn is getting a wrap - more on this soon

Gateway to the botanics

Oh El!

...and H

Surroundings } what a setting! How could we not be inspired in the Cotswolds?

Inside out, outside in } no boundaries here

Chocolate Peppermint balls

To Sophie's joy the air plants have arrived!

To H's joy } he's allowed on his new hills now the turf has taken

That's it for having a nose around. Lot's of our clients have been up to the barn and seem to approve so far, so we look forward to fully opening up our gates and revealing it all soon. Have a great weekend from the



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