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Welcome  & greetings to our first June 2016 posting. It's now only 5 days until Summer so we have been extremely industrious in preparation.

It's been a terrific Spring for all the florals in our clients gardens. Our new collections for 2016, designed and implemented last year have been well received, and it has been exciting to see them unfurl, blossom and bloom.

this week in flowers

Beautiful Alliums... above are a new variety we planted en masse, below the early stages of those star spheres, Christophiis

Paper-like and absolutely gigantic Oriental Poppies

Exquisite Foxgloves

Sublime indigo Anemones

Spanish Lavenders

Photobombed by a bug during photo shoots!

And ahhh... the Peonies. Our favourite grouping is in our leader image of just 4 types that have very subtle differences between them, but enough that they give the borders depth. They remind us of icecreams. This one (above) is a new variety to us and made the final 4. It's called Solange and it is utterly breathtaking. Most are out to clients and planted now but we have a few left in our nursery that we are coveting!

the last weeks of Spring

So far this year we have installed an exciting range of projects and designed a real plethora of new, all at varying stages of implementation. We will be sharing them here soon, on the blog and in our new portfolio (coming soon).

Now we are settled at the Design Barn we have begun building our growing areas and test grounds for projects. We had a little dabble with unusual wildflower seeds and the results are looking very good. More on that soon - but it should be relevant to anyone seeking to explore the option of growing meadow flowers, and in some more unusual colours too.

Blue Corner

North End

Our Tulip tests have been very fruitful too. We will be sharing the results of these at the end of the Summer, ready in time for selecting and buying your bulbs in Autumn this year. But lets not talk about the end of Summer before it's even started!


The Beeline

Oxford central

Our new favourites - Jammy Dodger Alliums

The Herringbone

2016 colour trends


That's it for our pre-Summer fix and catch up. The next season of blogs from us will be heavily influenced by water, namely the ocean, in an exploration for our designs. This will be alongside the first reveals of our latest pool garden and other projects with water works.

Back soon with the latest progress from the barn & nursery - it's about to get a wrap!

The Tulip Test results available Aug. / Sept.

All photographs and ingredients are by us - from our Design Barn, clients projects and sites. All plants & florals pictured have been grown on by us (except for the bluebell woods! - that's just what we are lucky enough to be surrounded by).

All images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016

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