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Greetings and welcome to our second design in colour blog. With Spring just a whisper away, we still face a spell of temperatures plummeting and even sharper bites of frosts, so to evoke some essence of Spring we are showcasing one of our favourite shades for 2016  - Chartreuse

Somewhere between green and yellow, chartreuse is the colour that epitomises Spring time. With Spring preparations at the forefront of our day to day work  at the moment (both in the studio and on sites),  we are enthused by the potential and possibilities of this illustrious colour once again.

Gary Grossman Photography

We have the joy of naturally designing with chartreuse, and enjoying it on all its levels between green and yellow

from the brightest lime

to the lightest sulphur.

Chartreuse originates from the French liqueur made by Carthusian Monks dating back to 1737. This redolent drink is composed of distilled alcohol aged with an astonishing 130 different herbs and flowers.

'Road' Czech Republic by Krzysztof Browko

Aurora Borealis

So come on, dive into the wonderful depths of the colour chartreuse with us and see what is possible within the spectrum of this colour.

'Just breathe' Kathleen Wilke photography

Malachite Butterfly - pbertner on Flickr

Arend Maatkamp

Green Tea Icecream

Hunter Wellies

Granny Smith by Kay Beausoleil

Claus Dalby

Alexander McQueen Sping 2003

Green Marble Arcs by Halakimok

Clifton Stewart - Wordpress

Keith Levit

Rock & roll London wedding at Battersea Power Station. Mark Niemierko

Green door of Gordes, Provence - Christine Pierce

Alliance - Roger Dautais

Photo by Bershka Original - Tokyo

Expect to see the colour chartreuse trending throughout homes,  gardens, design, fashion and interiors in a big way in 2016. From the most intense, incandescent levels of chartreuse to the flattest, mattest opaques.  Think somewhere between the Northern lights and the belly of an avocado! Well, that's just in our humble opinion. Here's to a big, bright, beautiful Spring.

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