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Greetings and welcome to our first design in colour blog for 2016. This week's is intended to brighten up the dullest of February days, lift your spirits and turn your thoughts towards Spring.

It's a real Winter shock of pure pink, inspired by Christian Dior and la maison Dior.

Christian Dior was just a child when his mother Madeleine Dior first came across Le Rhumbs in Granville, Normandy, and set her heart on having it.

Once purchased, Madame Dior oversaw 2 years of colossal interior & exterior renovations on the villa, including a remarkable development of the garden in to an English style park. A home was crafted in her vision.

As a child Christian's imagination and penchant for detail developed accutely in this setting, surrounded by exquisetly designed interiors and a horticultural paradise.

Eventually this paradise was lost to war and the decline of the Dior fortune, but this pink house will always be remembered for incubating and nurturing a legend. 

Christian Dior never ceased to preserve the essence of le Rhumbs - in the Dior perfumes - with Lily of the Valley and Roses, and with colour - greys and pinks. The massive grey pergola of the garden hosted masses upon masses of pink and blush Roses.

We are continually influenced and inspired by Dior couture as you may have picked up on from this blog. Therefore, in the spirit of the pink Dior house we give you a visual feast  and shake up of colour in shades of pink from ultra through to fuschia, cherry, rose and beyond.

Valley of fire state park USA

colour blocking pink

The pink lake of Senegal - Lake Retba

Beata Cervin

We think that if you use pink in a garden you should never use it in an apologetic way. Go all out,

Hillside, Hokkaido - Japan

Christo & Jeanne-Claude 'Surrounded Islands' Biscayne Bay, Breater Miami, Florida.

Photo - Wolfgang Volz

With pink, it's all or nothing.

Wisteria Okayama Japan, Fuji Park

Photo - Misaki Fukuyama

Danish Architect firm BIG worked alongside landscape architects Topotek1 and artists Superflex

Superkilen park, Copenhagen

Lake Retba

Holi festival - India

Darren White photograohy

Pink iceberg - the result of Algae growing in the ice, effected by the uv rays turning it this reddish colour.

The Upside down Parrot Tulip dress, Autumn / Winter 2010 Dior

Dior haute couture 2010

Narrowist house in Sydney Australia

Flower festival, Mount fuji, Japan

Tia McIntosh, Eiffel Tower

Houses of Parliament

John Deere

For now think pink, and then next week we will jolt you in a completely different direction!

We have updates coming to our portfolio soon with some more bespoke gardens featuring touches of Dior floral couture.

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In the Dior garden in Granville, Normandy : Roses Gertrude Jekyll, Alberic Barbier, New Dawn, Shropshire Lad, Paul Massad, Penelope, Pink Cloud.