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Greetings. This post is intended as a reminder of some of the wonders that inhabit our world. Come and take a walk on the wild side with us and just enjoy the beauty, dignity and magnitude of the creatures featured here... escape for a moment.

(Leader images in order of appearance - 'Ji Li' by Tim Flach and 'Eyes water' by Eric Esterle)

Carli Davidson

Paul Nicklen 

Gerald Robinson

Kyriakos Kaziras

We hope this blog posting provides you with a little inspiration and that there will be a single look, an emotion, a moment that will speak to you. Hopefully an individual appeal or 'pull' for everyone. Nature is integral to our creativity so we end up gathering many of these portraits and captured moments. It seemed like good timing to start bringing some of them together. There are a few old favourites that have appeared in previous posts but they warranted a place in our top 100 bold, brave and beautiful beasts.

- in diversity we trust -

George Scharf

Chad Cocking

Caracal (Desert Lynx)

Miguel Lasa

Another Timothy

Tim Flach "Cleopatra Eyes'

Dmitry Marchenko

Tilly Meijer

Caludia Pogoreutz

Samantha Photography Worldwide

Dumbledore by Traer Scott

Steve Hinch

Milan Malovrh

William Warby

Diana Barocsi

Konstantine Bakos

Shoebill Stork

Volodymyr Burdiak

Charlie Burlingame

Sue Demetriou

Sue Flood

Roeselien Raimond

Sergey Ivanov

Amnon Eichelberg

Wolf Ademeit


HC Gardens 

Tanja Brandt

Holly Kuchera

Peter Lilja

Elke Vogelsang

Brown Hare at Sunset by Martin Clay

"Look at me here, here on my own again, up straight in the sunshine. No need to run and hide, it's a wonderful, wonderful life. No need to laugh and cry, it's a wonderful, wonderful life." ― Black

Klaus Wiese

Opera Bat by Tim Flach

Marcus Westberg

Rega Photography


“When I'm older I'll understand" said Lucy, " I am older and I don't think I want to understand", replied Edmund” 
― C.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia 

Next time on the blog } it's going to get very winter wonderful around here.

Beasts SourceBook : Photographers and Studios as listed, also Pinterest, some unknown, Tumblr, Instagram, The Guardian.