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...and so we continue on with our journey of what is inspiring our designs as one season draws to a close and the next gets set to begin. There are actually 14 days of Summer left, but we are definitely feeling the call of Autumn around here.

Levitate - Forest Felled 2013 by Rob Mulholland

Untitled sculpture of Birch tree sections in mirror boxes, 2008 by Anthony James

Western Screech Owl by Brad Wilson

Cage & Mirror, 2011 by Jeppe Hein

Cage & Mirror, 2011 by Jeppe Hein

Panic on the Titanic by Verdon Tomajko

Alice in Wonderland Vogue

Gothic Arches, Romenesque church (1976) Collection of the Jean Lurcat Museum of Contemporary Tapestry, France - 

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdams

Truth is Beauty at Burning Man Festival by Marco Cochrane

Muhammad Ali

Face Off, 2007 by Kevin Francis Gray

Anish Kapoor

15 untitled works in concrete by Donald Judd

Floating Barn by Architect Firm NRJA (No Rules, Just Architecture)


Elephant, 2000 by Kendra Haste

Las Cascadeurs installation by Laurent Gongora

Featuring 18 playful sculptures designed specifically for public interaction at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Appearing Rooms by Jeppe Hein

Momento, 2006 by Arcangelo Sassolino

‚ÄčLas Cascadeurs installation by Laurent Gongora

Tide Flow - Time Flow by Rob Mulholland

Ceramic Glaze Pinterest

Located at Playa del la Malvarrosa, Spain known as 'Water Boat Fountain' (Fuente del Barco de Agua)

Aero Agoderies by Mark Baltes

Art installation, Paris, Pinterest

Crochet rocks, Pinterest

Smart Urban Stage - global online project dealing with the term Future of the City- The brand behind the online project is Smart. Design by Nathan Vincent - Yarnstorm the third, the phonebox cosy, photo courtesy of Shawn Thomas 'A knitted Wonderland'

Helsinki Cathedral. Three Finnish organisations - Marttaliitto, Tekstiiliopettajaliitto & Novita started their campaign January 2011. Their goal was to crochet 1,000 blankets to cover the stairs of the Cathedral & then donate them to families in need. Finnish volunteers all over the counrty, from little pupils to pensioners made nearly 8,000 blankets!

Mesa Arts Center - Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing in Kannakura, Japan Babukatorium - Spider web crochet tree




Elephants Ear by Ruben Bellinkx

360 Illusion by Jeppe Hein

Alice in Wonderland by Fabio Bartlett for Vogue

Lego Tree House Pinterest

Arno Meintjes, Southern Ground Hornbill

Stephane Rolland


Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane at Burning Man Festival 2013


Maracatu by the Campana Brothers

Monica Elena Parrots Eye 


Vestige, 2009 by Rob Mulholland

Mustangs by Robert Glen

A Room of Memory by Chiharu Shiota


Shao Fan

The Berlin group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban bits and objects into beautiful works of art.

Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London 1953.

more Yarn Bombing

Lawn Cherries by Tim Walker


HendyCurzonGardens at the V&A






Barn Owl by Brad Wilson

Eastern Screech Owl by Brad Wilson

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Brad Wilson

Flammulated Owl by Brad Wilson

Mexican Spotted Owl by Brad Wilson

Spectacled Owl by Brad Wilson

Long Eared Owl by Brad Wilson

Great Horned Owl by Brad Wilson

Tide Flow - Time Flow by Rob Mulholland

Yarn Bombing

The infamous Secret Garden Party paint fight 

Secret Garden Party

Brink & Chapman

Maximus Hendy Curzon