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"there is no better designer than nature" - Alexander McQueen

In this week's blog we are looking at shape and form. The inspirations for each bespoke project grow from a continual drive to create thoughtfully designed places of beauty and art outside.

- Hornbeam Hedge, Les Trois Pommes, France, Malcolm Kirk -

Our canvas and mediums are ever changing with the seasons, which is a challenge that we welcome. It keeps up momentum and ushers in continual change and adaptation. For our clients we strive to capture the essence of their style and function and generate spaces and places that simultaneously stimulate and restore them, throughout the seasons.

Paola PIvi, Feathered Polar Bears

- Dismemberment, Gibbs Farm - Anish Kapoor -

Part 1 of our ways of seeing blog shares some of the sources that have informed our designs for both projects in the works and pending,  2015.

Fluid forms and colours

by Faig Ahmed

Landscape by Elizabeth Leriche

Dismemberment, Gibbs Farm - Anish Kapoor

Philippe Perdereau -

- Dismemberment, Gibbs Farm - Anish Kapoor -

Landart, both rural and urban has had great influence on projects of late,

- Landart : Concrete Mixer by David Batchelor -

alongside domestic garden projects that are heavily influenced by the interior design and aesthetics of client's homes.

- by S.V.G -

Graphic Forms

Landmanna Laugar, Iceland photo by Wild Wonders of Europe

- Gelukstraat Belgium, Architects: Dierendonck Blancke Architecten, Photo: Filip Dujardin -

"creating something out of thin air is easy. It's finding the air that's hard"

- Asher Trotter

Sopheap Pich, Sculptural Artist

Light & Form

The Magnet Maple - Sylvain Meyer

Environmental Art by Michael Heizer

- The Lacemaker, Tord Boontje -

Lines of Perception

Sol LeWitt - Pyramid, Gibbs Farm

Inception - Christopher Nolan

Anila Quayyum Agha - Intersections

The Written Garden in Berlin's Gardens of the world 


"It is far better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"- Herman Melville

Organic Shapes

Asmacati shopping centre, Turkey

Phuktal Monastery or Gompa in Ladakh, India

Dieter Biskamp

Lost Time by Studio Glithero

- photographer - Licinda Lambton -


Underwater Tree in Jiuzhaigou Valley


Qilian, Qinghai China

Terraced rice fields, Yunnan, China

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Paola Pivi, Feathered Polar Bears

Autumn Interlude, Maria Kaimaki

LED Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

- Zander Olsen -

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs

Terraforms by Jamie North

The T-shirt Issue - Berlin based interdisciplinary design collective 'Muybridge'

Function & Form

A Monochromatic Farewell to a condemned house in Germany - Haus In Schwarz (House in Black) by Erin Sturm & Simon Jung

Ceramic books on building facade in Amsterdam

Girls in The Windows by Ormond Gigil

Cal Lane

Material Science photographed by Aitken Jolly for Dansk s/s 2015

Elizabeth Leriche

Next time on the blog } Summer celebrations!

Ways of seeing part 1 Source Book: Leader image by Brad Wilson, all else as listed, a few unknown