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"We embrace the seasons from year to year and focus on maximising the individual appeals of each."


'Tis the season for bringing outside in and, by way of light and fire, living inside out.  

To extend outdoor living we focus on good lighting design, a source of heat, comfy furnishings and shelter. Most of all we design in certain trees and shrubs that are guaranteed to dazzle with autumn colour. 


In Winter the little details can shine brightest and the natural look of materials, bare tree structures, lighting and thoughtful design of evergreens, render Winter gardens and landscapes in to a period of wonder and enchantment... especially if they are cast in snow or frosts – and lit carefully.

good to know

We only ever plant to a level that you confirm you can cope with and we support many of our clients via e mail reminders and by phone throughout the seasons. This service enables tentative  and inexperienced gardeners to go that little bit extra in their garden schemes.

for a winter smart gardens - get in touch with us 


Most of the planning, prepping and planting is carried out pre-spring so gardens and landscapes can unfold and impress from early in the year onwards.

signature planting

We design and implement bespoke and planting schemes for our clients. These reflect individual tastes and the context of each original home.

When it is suitable we also like to incorporate some of our trusted signature trees and planting combinations. These are guaranteed to elevate schemes to show garden standards.

what do we plant?

Everything - providing it is hardy enough to withstand our British climate. We responsibly plant impressive mature trees and shrubs, calming sensory combinations, stunning aquatics, breathtaking perennial borders, resourceful kitchen gardens, inspiring feature planters, enviable topiary and the list goes on...


what's your style? - contemporary, traditional, minimalist - vintage, modernist - town, country...

Where ever you reside you are going to anticipate summer season in your outdoor space the most. It is inherently British of us all to do so - therefore we build gardens that maximise on all that summer can offer - however long or short lived!