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Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 19:45

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Wicked Plants

Friday, October 30, 2015 - 14:29

"one must be cunning and wicked in this world" - Tolstoy

It's kind of freaky Friday around here, so in the spirit of all Hallow's eve we would like to share some fierce flora with you. All plants are extraordinary, but here we are profiling some real evildoers alongside some visual mind bogglers. Expect both beautiful and ghoulish botanicals and murderous vegetation, some of which may even be skulking in your garden...

Name : Halfeti Rose. Origin : Turkey. Phenomenon : the only known black Rose. Status : extremely rare

Name : Euphorbia. Habitat : Commonly found in English country gardens. Classification : Poisonous. Threat level : high. Character : avoid the milky sap excreted from the plant. Dastardly deeds : Used to make poison arrows throughout history. The name euphorbia is synonymous with poison in Africa.

Name : Skeleton flower, Diphylleia Grayi. Habitat : woodlands, Japan. Phenomenon : flowers turn transparent in the rain. Status : awesome!

Name : Arachnoid Sempervivum. Habitat : common house Leek. Phenomenon : rosettes appear to be coated in spider webs. Classification : beneficial. Including herbal remedies, sap used as a coolant for wounds, 'sempervivum' means 'live forever' in Latin.

Name : Wolfsbane, Aconitum. Habitat : Commonly found in English country gardens. Classification : Poisonous. Threat level : high. Character : intoxicatingly beautiful. Dastardly deeds : Nazi scientists used it as an ingredient in poisoned bullets.

Name : Poppy, Papaver. Habitat : Commonly found in British countrysides. Classification : Toxic. Threat level : potentially lethal. Character : all parts except the seeds are toxic. Contains alkaloids including morphine and codeine, which combine to produce resinous opium. Dastardly deeds : have you seen the Wizard of OZ?!

Name : Snap Dragon, Antirrhinum. Habitat : commonly found in English country and suburban gardens. Phenomenon : the seed heads look like human skulls. Also, the origin of the name 'snap dragon' derives from squeezing the throats of the flowers and they pop open... like a dragon's jaw... Why on earth was someone strangling flowers in the first place? Status : creepy.

Name : Eucalyptus macrocarpa. Habitat : Western Australia. Phenomenon : spectacular flower pods. Status : magical

Name : Dracula benedictii, Grinning Monkey Orchid. Origin : Columbia. Phenomenon : look like cheeky monkeys. Status : bizarre

Name : Trachyandra tortilis. Habitat : house plant. Phenomenon : squiggle stems. Origin : Africa

Name : Corpse plant, Rafflesia flower. Habitat : Rainforests of South Asia. Phenomenon : flowers can weigh up to 10kg. Called the Corpse plant because it excretes a smell like rotting flesh. Status : rare. Known as 'The Queen of all parasitic organisms'.

Name : Werewolf Plant, Ephedera foeminca. Habitat : sandy shores and soils with direct sun contact. Phenomenon : this lunar loving plant only flowers during the night of a full moon. Status : strange but real

Name : The Gympie gympie. Habitat : woodlands, Northern Australia. Classification : serial killer - the world's most venomous plant. Threat level : murderous. Character : stinging hairs cover the whole plant and deliver a neurotoxin when touched. The effect is described as - like being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time. Dastardly deeds : high death toll. Once stung never forgotten - if a victim survives a sting the pain will last for months and then will reoccur years after they have seemingly recovered. Extracts are potentially being developed as a biological weapon. Status : Terrible. Extraordinary Fact : There are marsupials that feed off the Gympie gympie so are seemingly immune to it's venom. Perhaps the little critters are the plant's kryptonite... see below

The Red legged Pademelon thrives on a diet of toxic salad from the Gympie gympie plant.

Name : El Arbo de la Sabina (Ancient Juniper Tree). Habitat : Spanish Canary island. Phenomenon : ancient defiance of high winds. Status : hauntingly beautiful

Occurence : following the Pakistan floods in 2010. Phenomenon : millions of spiders took refuge from the floods in trees, cocooning them entirely.

Freaky Flowers

Nectaroscordum in a Hendy Curzon woodland garden

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Flower, this one is called Casper

Darth Vader Orchid

Its those cheeky monkeys again, these ones are befittingly named Dracula Simia.

Deadly Bouquets

Yes, that's right, those cottage garden flowers that we all covet and drool over are really a bunch of reprobates too, they just bewitch us with their beauty.

Oh, how they mock us!

Delinquent Delphiniums / Larkspur, Foxgloves, Hydrangeas... the list grows

Rooted in evil : The popular Cala Lilly's roots are highly toxic.

"and now my pretties, something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell" - The Wicked Witch of the West

Lilly of the Valley - such an unassuming name for this little lethal weapon.

The Nightmare before Christmas : Hellebores. The Christmas Rose ain't so Christmassy anymore...

Well, we hope we have not completely rendered your garden a place you now fear to tread... as if all those villanous flowers lay in wait to ambush you next time you venture out. At the end of the day, the parts of the commonly grown noxious plants are harmful if injested, and generally in large quantities. So fear not, we just advise that you don't make a meal of your borders, and wear gloves if you are handling the likes of Foxgloves, Euphorbias and Aconitum.

love at first bite : little H in an HC garden

Farewell from us!

Wicked Plants Sourcebook : Ellis Hollow, Lost at, Andrew Kearton, Pinterest, Amy Stewart, Peter Nydegger, Plant Propoganda, Cairns Tropical Zoo, Kew, Bored Panda, Hendy Curzon Gardens, Australia Geographic, Ngoc Minh Ngo

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be original

Monday, October 12, 2015 - 08:30

We believe that spaces affect how you feel and how you function. Just as the interior of your home promotes your day to day ( and eve to eve) comfort and functionality, your outdoor space should provide for you in a similar manner. This should be all positive and all encompassing. From front of house, to balcony, to back yard, to courtyard, to landscape. In town, in the country and throughout every single season.

"The new is a guest in the house of the old" ~ Marty Rubin

From the outset our creative vision has been to implement such spaces, with layer upon layer of thought, detail and originality. The designs for these gardens, landscapes and exteriors draw upon many, many sources of inspiration. We are influenced by the old, the new, the classical, the contemporary. We strive to be innovative and push the parameters of each brief, so our approach involves a great deal of creative energy and collaboration with our clients.

- Floral inspired couture, photographed by Regina Relang -

This results in bespoke outdoor spaces that both reflect our clients tastes and embody our doctrine of originality.

- from a vintage country garden, Hendy Curzon Gardens -

- Audrey Hepburn 1988 for Givenchy, French Vogue -

This blog post shares some of our current influences, a celebration of our inspirations, and the presence of these in planting and lighting schemes on current and scheduled projects.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde


- Audrey Hepburn 1955 for Givenchy -

- Hendy Curzon Gardens -

Floral Engineering & Floral Couture


Oleg Oprisco Photography

Dolce and Gabanna, Vogue UK October 2012

Mind Weiss Consultants, this is from Simon & Martin photography LA

Oprisco Photography

Vogue Cover, photography by Petrina Finslay

Lara Jade for Material Girl

Botany, Chatsworth Rd, Hackney, London E5

Living large - playing with silhouettes of the season by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, styled by Edward Enninful

Posh for Vogue August 2014 by Patrick Demarchelier

Kokkinos flowers

Such stuff as dreams are made of  for Harpers Bazaar UK, 2015 by Erik Madigan Heck

Hendy Curzon Cut flower Gardens

Cathedrals AW13 by designer Mary Katrantzoo, Photographed by Erik Madigan Heck

The selection by Kiera Cass, cover

Hendy Curzon Gardens Autumn

Fibre Optic dress from Ants on a Melon

National Geographic

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Laurel Cottage garden at night

Hendy Curzon Gardens - bringing outside in

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Blue Corner garden details

Dior Couture in Paris, outside the Louvre, Pyramid of Delphiniums

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Laurel Cottage garden floral palette

Hendy Curzon Gardens - vintage country

Stojanovic Zorka

Flory Styka

Brent Lukey - Candid Wedding Photography Aus

Hendy Curzon Gardens - architectural florals in the Tinker garden project

Hanna Verhees in Flower Mood, photographed by Adler & Fresneda for Glamour Spain March 2013

Moroccan Rose Festival 

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Ombre Hydrangeas in Autumn - various projects


Hendy Curzon Gardens - Victorian front of house project - vintage and ombre Foxgloves

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Judge's House in early Autumn

Windmill Farm

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Grand Oak Meadows project, amidst the bespoke flower fields


Festival Brides 

Dior Couture by Demarchelier

Hendy Curzon Gardens - in the cut flower section of project Jardin

Givenchy envelope cluch

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Lyme Tree Cottage garden borders

Givenchy Spring Menswear 2015

Hendy Curzon Gardens - Modern Prairie project - entrance

Zita Elze

Trending for 2016 : part of our bespoke Tulip collections being planted now

Ultra modern floral engineering: Agnieska Stog

Modern classic : Dora Santoro

Ways with nature - Catherine Latson

Too die for blooms in contemporary cottage schemes - Hendy Curzon Gardens

Future Colour 

Depth of colours and form -Atelier Versace

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Papaver against Farrow & Ball Downpipe - Hendy Curzon Garden

Twiggy for Vogue

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Seung Mo Park

North End at night - a Hendy Curzon Garden

photography by Nicoline Patricia Malina

from a Hendy Curzon Cut flower Garden

Ellie Saab

from a Hendy Curzon Cut flower Garden

Oprisco photography

Floral Engineering by Karolina Ladyzynska

from a Hendy Curzon Garden

Flower by Julia Rose 

Gentleman unknown

Iris in a Hendy Curzon Garden

Vogue China, Ji Lili by Terry Gates

Hendy Curzon Bohemian garden

Selected waterside Iris on mass, Hendy Curzon Gardens

Chartreuse dress - Miroslava Durna, just a normal day in the Russian fashion pack

Black Violas - Cowshed project, Hendy Curzon Gardens

Black Tulips in a Hendy Curzon Landscape

Purple black Iris - Hendy Curzon Gardens, projects various

Zita Elze - dresses made with flowers

Hendy Curzon Autumn Gardens


Dinky details - Hendy Curzon Gardens

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Norgard Designs

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Norgard Designs

Layers of Texture

Oscar de la Renta

Wisteria tunnel, Japan

Fei Fei Sun for Neiman Marcus

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Melinda le Guay

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Photography by Robin Alfian

Journey in to Autumn by Alexandra Muresan

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Christian Dior

Rami Kadi

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Sam Rayner by Leda & St Jacques for Elle Canada

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Hendy Curzon Gardens

That's it from us. Be happy. Be original. Join the community over on FB where our be original campaign has been running since 2014. :)

Source Book links }

Leader image 1 - Hendy Curzon Gardens

Leader image 2 -Zita Elze

HC Blog Floral Frontiers

HC Blog Floral Couture

HC Blog Floral Engineers

Book - The elegant world of Regina Relang

"The exact meaning of the term 'original' and what exactly 'originality' entails remains a nebulous concept." ~ extract from University Degree Intellectual Property Law Section

"Because a dream starts, and a dream must end.
My mother told me, 'don't ever change
You're original, in your own way
My mother told me, don't ever change

You're original, got your own path' "

 from Leftfield 'Original' lyrics

Next up on the Blog : things are about to get very wicked around here...

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Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 13:12

Love design? Then take a seat and check out our 2015 round up of designer seating - for out side and in.

(above : Sheaves by Steven Banken)

Garage Magazine

Arch Dining Chair by Christopher Guy Portuguese Roots Chair - designer Alexandre Caldas

Swing Chairs by Iwona Kosicka

Uncle Jim by Philippe Starck

Rosa Chair by Studio KMJ

Elegant Plywood Chair by Branca

Why Knot Bench by Kino Guerin

Axel three-seater - Anthropologie Furniture

The Lobster Chair by Lund & Paarmann

Upwood Up-chair by Martin Ballendat

Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg

Masters Chair Metallic by Philippe Starck

Magis Proust - Alessandro Mendine 2011

The Kartell Mademoiselle Chair designed by Philippe Starck

Axiom Law's New York City Offices - BHDM Design

Bubble Club Sofa for Kartell by Philippe Starck

Toga Chair by Reut Rosenberg

Blueberry's Armchair for BYogratia Design by Carlo Colombo

Pant Rocker by Joe Manus

Breeze - AKA Savannah Rocker III by Jolyon Yates

Jaehyo Lee

Portuguese Roots Chair designed by Alexandre Caldas

Masters Chair Metallic by Philippe Starck

Ribbon Chair by Tom Vaughan

Haluz Rocking Chair from Studio Vacek

Philippe Starck

Genny designed by Centro Ricerche MAAM design by Mathieu Camillieri

Kana Nakanishi

Fiam Ghost Chair by Cini Boeri

Custom Made Chair by Karen Ryan

Magis Puppy chair

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Ways of seeing } juxtaposition & poise

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 18:43

...and so we continue on with our journey of what is inspiring our designs as one season draws to a close and the next gets set to begin. There are actually 14 days of Summer left, but we are definitely feeling the call of Autumn around here.

Levitate - Forest Felled 2013 by Rob Mulholland

Untitled sculpture of Birch tree sections in mirror boxes, 2008 by Anthony James

Western Screech Owl by Brad Wilson

Cage & Mirror, 2011 by Jeppe Hein

Cage & Mirror, 2011 by Jeppe Hein

Panic on the Titanic by Verdon Tomajko

Alice in Wonderland Vogue

Gothic Arches, Romenesque church (1976) Collection of the Jean Lurcat Museum of Contemporary Tapestry, France - 

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdams

Truth is Beauty at Burning Man Festival by Marco Cochrane

Muhammad Ali

Face Off, 2007 by Kevin Francis Gray

Anish Kapoor

15 untitled works in concrete by Donald Judd

Floating Barn by Architect Firm NRJA (No Rules, Just Architecture)


Elephant, 2000 by Kendra Haste

Las Cascadeurs installation by Laurent Gongora

Featuring 18 playful sculptures designed specifically for public interaction at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Appearing Rooms by Jeppe Hein

Momento, 2006 by Arcangelo Sassolino

​Las Cascadeurs installation by Laurent Gongora

Tide Flow - Time Flow by Rob Mulholland

Ceramic Glaze Pinterest

Located at Playa del la Malvarrosa, Spain known as 'Water Boat Fountain' (Fuente del Barco de Agua)

Aero Agoderies by Mark Baltes

Art installation, Paris, Pinterest

Crochet rocks, Pinterest

Smart Urban Stage - global online project dealing with the term Future of the City- The brand behind the online project is Smart. Design by Nathan Vincent - Yarnstorm the third, the phonebox cosy, photo courtesy of Shawn Thomas 'A knitted Wonderland'

Helsinki Cathedral. Three Finnish organisations - Marttaliitto, Tekstiiliopettajaliitto & Novita started their campaign January 2011. Their goal was to crochet 1,000 blankets to cover the stairs of the Cathedral & then donate them to families in need. Finnish volunteers all over the counrty, from little pupils to pensioners made nearly 8,000 blankets!

Mesa Arts Center - Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing in Kannakura, Japan Babukatorium - Spider web crochet tree




Elephants Ear by Ruben Bellinkx

360 Illusion by Jeppe Hein

Alice in Wonderland by Fabio Bartlett for Vogue

Lego Tree House Pinterest

Arno Meintjes, Southern Ground Hornbill

Stephane Rolland


Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane at Burning Man Festival 2013


Maracatu by the Campana Brothers

Monica Elena Parrots Eye 


Vestige, 2009 by Rob Mulholland

Mustangs by Robert Glen

A Room of Memory by Chiharu Shiota


Shao Fan

The Berlin group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban bits and objects into beautiful works of art.

Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London 1953.

more Yarn Bombing

Lawn Cherries by Tim Walker


HendyCurzonGardens at the V&A






Barn Owl by Brad Wilson

Eastern Screech Owl by Brad Wilson

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Brad Wilson

Flammulated Owl by Brad Wilson

Mexican Spotted Owl by Brad Wilson

Spectacled Owl by Brad Wilson

Long Eared Owl by Brad Wilson

Great Horned Owl by Brad Wilson

Tide Flow - Time Flow by Rob Mulholland

Yarn Bombing

The infamous Secret Garden Party paint fight 

Secret Garden Party

Brink & Chapman

Maximus Hendy Curzon

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