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slug salad?

Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 20:08

How about Hostas? They don't have to be a midnight feast for slugs & snails and you don't have to be fearful of growing them. Hostas are hardy and easy to maintain, and most importantly they are fabulous sculptural plants. To set them in a contemporary context grow them in groups of just one type then plant them in matching zinc planters.  To deter pests line the rims of the planters/pots with copper tape (available from any garden centre). Make sure you cross over the tape to allow for shrinkage (even the tiniest gap will be an open invite for slimy pests).

Line the top of each pot or planter with matching pebbles or shingle. Don't place too near walls or else some crafty snail will just bypass all your deterrents and slide down onto your planter like its a dinner plate. Keep your Hostas watered, place in partial shade... enjoy.

Our top Hostas are Elephant's Ear & Blue Mouse's Ear. Useful contact 

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