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be cOOl

Friday, July 22, 2016 - 18:57

Well  it finally happened... Summer is here and boy has it made up for lost time with a vengeance. We are determined to keep our cool around here, so sit back and relax with us and stay cool on these hot, hot, (lovely) Summer days.

Let's dive in

(diy no drip icepacks)

Have yourself a very British Summer!

be cOOl Sourcebook : Tumblr, Pinterest, 'The Girl in The Room' 2006 by Phoebe Rudomino, FINA World Championships Synchronised Swimming, Leandro Erlich, Pool movie theatre Vail Colorado, London Zoo, Paris 1937, Flickr Dicembre, Ela by Hendy Curzon Gardens (various), Umbrellas at Borough Market London, Weheartit, Field Candy, Max by Sophie Joy Wilson, Metalmorphosis by David Cerny, Charybdis by William Pye, Moo Moo, Fox Photos, Koeb.

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sneaky peeks from the Design barn

Friday, July 15, 2016 - 22:30

Welcome  to the exterior design blog. Yay, it's Friday! Summer has yet to put in an appearance, we have the jet stream to blame for that. Regardless, we are busy as ever and looking forward to showing the latest projects completed and in the works for 2016-2017. For now, we thought we would give you a few sneaky peeks in and around, and behind the scenes from our Design Barn. It's taking shape...

Contemporary Cottage style homegrown cut flowers

In the Modern Prairie patch } The tests with black Poppies and Cornflowers have been very successful

The new corten signs have been installed

The grand Oak tree got a green carpet worthy of it's majesticity

In the works } The barn is getting a wrap - more on this soon

Gateway to the botanics

Oh El!

...and H

Surroundings } what a setting! How could we not be inspired in the Cotswolds?

Inside out, outside in } no boundaries here

Chocolate Peppermint balls

To Sophie's joy the air plants have arrived!

To H's joy } he's allowed on his new hills now the turf has taken

That's it for having a nose around. Lot's of our clients have been up to the barn and seem to approve so far, so we look forward to fully opening up our gates and revealing it all soon. Have a great weekend from the



Sneaky peek SourceBook : All ingredients, content and images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016

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Floral Couture

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 20:23

Welcome  & greetings to our first June 2016 posting. It's now only 5 days until Summer so we have been extremely industrious in preparation.

It's been a terrific Spring for all the florals in our clients gardens. Our new collections for 2016, designed and implemented last year have been well received, and it has been exciting to see them unfurl, blossom and bloom.

this week in flowers

Beautiful Alliums... above are a new variety we planted en masse, below the early stages of those star spheres, Christophiis

Paper-like and absolutely gigantic Oriental Poppies

Exquisite Foxgloves

Sublime indigo Anemones

Spanish Lavenders

Photobombed by a bug during photo shoots!

And ahhh... the Peonies. Our favourite grouping is in our leader image of just 4 types that have very subtle differences between them, but enough that they give the borders depth. They remind us of icecreams. This one (above) is a new variety to us and made the final 4. It's called Solange and it is utterly breathtaking. Most are out to clients and planted now but we have a few left in our nursery that we are coveting!

the last weeks of Spring

So far this year we have installed an exciting range of projects and designed a real plethora of new, all at varying stages of implementation. We will be sharing them here soon, on the blog and in our new portfolio (coming soon).

Now we are settled at the Design Barn we have begun building our growing areas and test grounds for projects. We had a little dabble with unusual wildflower seeds and the results are looking very good. More on that soon - but it should be relevant to anyone seeking to explore the option of growing meadow flowers, and in some more unusual colours too.

Blue Corner

North End

Our Tulip tests have been very fruitful too. We will be sharing the results of these at the end of the Summer, ready in time for selecting and buying your bulbs in Autumn this year. But lets not talk about the end of Summer before it's even started!


The Beeline

Oxford central

Our new favourites - Jammy Dodger Alliums

The Herringbone

2016 colour trends


That's it for our pre-Summer fix and catch up. The next season of blogs from us will be heavily influenced by water, namely the ocean, in an exploration for our designs. This will be alongside the first reveals of our latest pool garden and other projects with water works.

Back soon with the latest progress from the barn & nursery - it's about to get a wrap!

The Tulip Test results available Aug. / Sept.

All photographs and ingredients are by us - from our Design Barn, clients projects and sites. All plants & florals pictured have been grown on by us (except for the bluebell woods! - that's just what we are lucky enough to be surrounded by).

All images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016

Links } It's British Flowers week. Find out more here  

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Atomic Orange } design in colour

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - 16:25

Welcome  to our final exploration of evocative colours this season. It's the atomic orange blog, originally inspired by these home grown couture Tulips in our cut flower nursery. Orange tends to elicit strong emotions, you either love it or you hate it... or do you? Around here we love it's controversy. We use it tactically in our projects, but never, ever as an apology. Like Tiffany blue and pink, as explored in this series, there is a time and a place for these bold colours. When it's right it's right, and it should never be forced.

Nadja Auermann for French Revue De Modes

Jason Savage Photography

HALL Rutherford Winery - Napa Valley. Chandelier by artist Donald Lipski with 1500 Swarovski Crystals

Poppy pods by Peter Daalder

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Christian Dior - Fall 2010 Couture

Ericsson Kista, Stockholm. Architects Wingardh Arkitektkontor. Mattias Hamren Photography

Christo & Jeanne-Claude 'The Gates' Central Park, New York City 1979-2005. Wolfgang Volz Photography

Marrakech, spices for sale

Xavier Ortega Photography

Flickr - Aremac

Christo & Jeanne-Claude 'The Gates' Central Park, New York City 1979-2005. Wolfgang Volz Photography

White Desert, Egypt. Photography by Dionys Moser

Charlie Drevstam

Alexander McQueen

Phil Marion

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Hendy Curzon Gardens

Dior & Elie Saab

Parallellepipeda, Nick Ervinck

Casa Blanca by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Line Cape - Broken Line By Dick Lubbersen

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Desert Choreography by Marsel Van Oosten

Cause and Effect by Korean artist Do Ho Suh

Magic Circus by Kristian Schuller

Turkey Tail Fungus

Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

Givenchy Ombre Dress

Magdelena Frackowiak - Elle Italy

Lisa Kellner

Giambattista Valli - Fall Couture 2014

Anish Kapoor

Orange Red Orange by Mark Rothko

Hendy Curzon Gardens

So ends our case for atomic orange. If you want to see the Pink Dior blog, Chartreusse and the Tiffany blue click on their names.

Atomic Orange SourceBook : as listed, plus Pinterest, Google, etc. Let us know if we have missed to credit you and we will oblige. Thank you all contributors for your inspirations!

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the Design Barn

Monday, April 18, 2016 - 15:06

We have now completely moved to the Design Barn & nursery, Bolton's Lane, Combe, OX29 8NB, on Blenheim grounds in Oxfordshire. Not far for us  to go but a great move.  This will be a place where HC clients can visit and consider their own designs at varying stages – with live case studies at hand of couture cut flower gardens, meadow patches, Tulip variety tests, kokedama, landart and more. We  intend for this to be changing all the time, not just with the seasons but also evolving from year to year, and we promise that no 2 years will ever be the same here. Photos of it all are coming soon, but in the meantime here are some juicy homegrown Tulips in our nursery.

All our e mails and the phone number remain the same, which can all be found on our contact page.

Come and see us soon! 

Images ©  the Design Barn by Adrienne, Watermelon Tulips by Sophie

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