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Christmas countdown 2016...

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 13:46

Join us for a very merry Christmas blog next week.

Not many sleeps to go!

Best regards from the


©HC Christmas countdown 2016

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Autumn reloaded

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 21:44

Welcome  to our exterior design blog. It's an amazing year for autumn colour and light. It has been so mild that the leaves have been able to develop some stunning colours - some trees even performing on a spectrum we rarely get to see. In this post our focus is clearly on celebrating this season and showcasing an autumn reloaded by way of trees that stand poignantly and sculpture that stands subjectively in our landscape.

'honour tradition by challenging convention' - Moomoo 2016

The images in this post are from wanderings through the Yorkshire Sculpture park, client projects in Burford, Kingham and Dorchester, and Harcourt Arboretum & Botanical garden Oxford.

We would like the contents of this blog to speak for itself

Back in 2012 we posted a blog called Landscapes reloaded and, amongst many other artists, we explored the effect of a Kaws sculpture set against the countryside as a form of land art. As there are only two weeks left now to witness the magic of these ultra modern and urban artworks in the British countryside we felt we had to go and see them and share the sheer scale of these sculptures against this mature landscape.

Also at the YSP is the new exhibition from Not Vital, both outdoors and underground - we cant encourage you enough to go and see how stunningly clever this is. That said, there are so many amazing artworks at YSP - after all these years it was a highlight seeing a Nikki de Saint Phalle sculpture.

Autumn reloaded resources, click on the links } Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Harcourt Arboretum & Botantical Garden Oxford, The Bield Burford - see it's seasonal evolvement, North End Dorchester - see it through night and day, The Potager Kingham - coming to our portfolio soon.  For the Kaws effect and to understand the journey & subjectivity of this artist go straight to  for download and 


On this occassion all images are by Sophie White, Nick, Adrienne & the Wains  ©autumn reloaded 2016


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colour me October

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 18:45

Welcome -It's a glorious month of colour and light. An amazing October indeed. 

'Tis the season for bringing outside in and, by way of light and fire, living inside out. 

To extend the Autumn outdoor living season we focus on good lighting design, a source of heat, comfy furnishings and shelter. We design in trees and shrubs that dazzle with Autumn colour - this is a late starter this year but we are not complaining! Planting schemes are also designed to yield late bloomers.

You might be shocked at the range of colours and flora still available to you now, but here's some of what we work with for our client's multi-seasonal gardens, plus some October outside in inside out ideas here too.

Dahlia Spider Woman

Echinaceas & Verbenas

Miscanthus grasses

Intermedia Lavenders


Ammi Majus

Papaver pods



Hydrangeas - various vars.

Dinner plate Dahlias

Hydrangeas - various vars.

"Just to say, the garden is looking great in this Autumn weather. One of the nicest things is that your planning has meant it's virtually a year-round garden - right through. Thanks again, I get so much pleasure from it."  Burford client



Air plant installation

Foraged finds

More garden inspiration

Other than here on our website you can connect with us in a few other places this October.

See our Modern Prairie discussion in Cotswold Preview this month - available in Waitrose, WH Smiths, etc.

  "It seems that the UK is firmly immersed in a new era of style. This is not, however,  just a style that's an emerging fad. It is more of a change of ethos and lifestyle, with a renewed attention to details. Here Adrienne explores this nationwide resurgence of preference for the natural, provenance, freshness and self-sufficiency - which is accompanied by the evolution of a modern prairie style..."

You can follow us on instagram now - for a look on sites  and behind the scenes at the barns.

Continue following us on Houzz - for completed projects throughout Oxfordshire


Enjoy the rest of October and here's to a colourful and autumnal November, from all of us at

Stay warm!

All photographs and ingredients are by us 

Images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016

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The Tulip Tests #tt2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 17:51

Welcome  to our Tulip tests 2016

Presented to you in time for bulb buying season, we hope there may be some interesting varieties here for you to consider.

We have always planted Tulips every year so it was not our intention to test the whole plethora of varieties across the entire spectrum of colours. The Tulip tests have been more about seeking out the unusual, possibly more couture varieties. It was also about trouble shooting with true whites and experimenting with some of the darker, more dramatic specimens. There will always be those staple Tulips - your tried and tested and loved favourites. These tests have been about seeking out the sublime.

Some selections didn't pan out, but that's the whole point of the tests.  Most had merit, and some completely blew us away.

Shall we begin?

Test area 1 - in a quest to find true white Tulips

Get the look : White Swan & Queen of Night against Farrow & Ball 'Downpipe'

Variety : Tulip Icecream. It sounded great but was possibly in the top 3 of disapointments. Short length and lived flower that took on the odd appearance of looking almost mouldy!  Nice for only a few days.

Carnival de Rio : not recommended, failed to pack a punch!

In the test patches

The Whites

Tulip White Swan, also known as Honeymoon has been a trickster in the past - one batch even appearing pink at first. This is the second year we have tested it and it indeed opens as lemon then turns 100% pure white.

Tulip Shirely

Does the same (see below for range), lemon tinged giving over to pure white.

Our recommended whites (all pictured) - Spring Green, Maureen, Tacoma, White Parrot, White Dream

Dark dramatics

Blueberry Ripple  - tall, strong, bold, went on forever. Great in both traditional and modern contexts. Looks very vintage or paired with Queen of Night it becomes ultra modern and slick.

Jackpot - the reverse of Blueberry Ripple and very sharp looking. Long lasting blooms. The depth of colour is remarkable. See below Queeen of Night and Black Parrot for combining with.

Tulip Uncle Tom. Peony like but very short lived blooms. Not a favourite.

Tulip variety Paul Scherer - much deeper than Queen of Night.

Our Tulip test patches

The Brights

First to bloom were Tulip Pirand - but we called them the Watermelon Tulips. It was surprising how much they changed in colour and stature over a long flowering period.

Tulip Dynasty, a relatively new variety to 2016. It was a bit of a let down and did not contatin the pink streaks promised. Blooms were short and the colour dulled out quite quickly.

Tulip Monee however was the opposite. Not one that we were overly excited about, but it proved to flower forever with the depth of colours deepening with maturity.

Tulip Orange Emperor : our rating average, there are better orange varieties for effect.

Tulip Irene Parrot. Short lived but utterly amazing colours so every bit worth it! It's like a bouquet of flowers in one Tulip.

Tulip Barbados : a true shocker of colour and texture.

Tulip Albert Heijn : beautiful white tipped petals on large blooms.

and who would have thought these unassuming little buds would turn into...

Tulip Estella Rynveld

Tulip Celebrity

Curly Sue

Top 5 Choice Tulips

Our top five favourites for the #tt2016, selected  for their couture qualities, colours, pattern, longevity and uniqueness are Blueberry Ripple, Jackpot, 


Tulip Monee

And our # 1 is Tulip Estella Rynveld

Happy bulb buying and planting!

All photographs and ingredients are by us

Images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016


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Pop Up Garden

Friday, September 2, 2016 - 10:21

Happy September! We are delighted to kick off the new season with a Pop Up Garden at The Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials.

We have been busy over at the nursery and workshop getting ready for the launch next Wednesday.

The Pop Up Garden is in the VIP and members area next to the main arena.

We will share more on this soon. Coming up this season -  The results of our Tulip tests ready for your bulb buying season 

- News about this years projects (that we have been mostly secret squirrels about until now) 

- Plus a tribute to one of our Design Icons. 

See you again very soon

For The Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials ( 7th September Horse Inspections, 8th to 11th September Gates open 7am) click on the logo below

Pop Up Garden images : Mostly HC Gardens, Jody Ede, Vision Tours

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