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Floral Warriors

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 19:41

Greetings ~ it's high Summer. Hopefully we are all adjusted to the temperatures now and at one with our outside spaces as extensions of our day to day living. We have been busy around here and quiet at times, in preparations and anticipation of a great new body of work to reveal. This will stand alongside our existing landscapes and gardens portfolio. Stay in touch - things are about to get mighty pretty around here.

Enjoy your Summer!

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Hello May

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 21:42

Hello  It's been a while... 3 months in fact. Sorry for the radio silence. All will be revealed very soon. Hang in, keep checking in, it's all about to change. For now though, here are a few more lovely things from our end. Thank you to all our clients, subscribers and followers. Your continued support means the world to us and we have many very beautiful creations to discuss and showcase with you very soon! Be well X

All images & ingredients ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2017


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hello April

Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 19:37

hello April... we have big plans for you!

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Review of the year Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 19:49

Welcome to our recap of the last year from January 2016 to date.

It was a golden year,

full of light and colour

Some of the team on site this week with frozen smiles / Jan 2017

In the depths of Winter 2016 one of our teams began the build on our new studio and nursery premises on Blenheim estate 

all whilst pre-approved designs began installation from Jan 2016 throughout the year, starting with a welcome return to Burford House to landscape the main body of the property.

Winter in to Spring on The Herringbone (completed Dec 2015)

revisited May 2016

Back over at our 'in the works' premises on the farm  - here's the mock up of the Design Barn remodel

The industrial barn as we took it on Feb 2016

February - 2016

interior shell of our barn as remodelling began

Projects designed & installed, plus ongoing projects 2016 - please note many projects have been 'in the works' throughout 2016 and will be formally shot for the portfolio in each season this year. The finished projects will be featuring here on the blog and coming to our portfolio throughout 2017.

March 2016 - the company moved in to a portion of the barn that had been completed. It was a bit of a squeeze!

Spring! - 2016

We paid a fond and sad farewell to Far End in 2016. This was a long term project in Kingham that we installed 5 years ago and upkept until the property was sold at the end of 2016. We wish it's new owners well and hope they enjoy the modern prairie landscape for many years to come.

Way back at the beginning with the site marked out ready for install - 

Summer - 2016

Autumn - 2016

Winter - 2016

Images ©Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd. 2016  ©Whites 2016  ©Wains 2016

HC Projects designed & installed 2016 to be shared with you soon - Harlequin, Lakeside, Low Line, Look West, Fircroft, Calan Haf, No. 11, Embankment, Summertown, Railings, Wisteria, The Potager and many more...

Congratulations to Sophie & Paul - Mr & Mrs White on their marriage, and Aidan & Jade on their engagement. Thank you to Dean and Life Systems for giving us (and our clients) power and light, Wonderwood for giving us a wrap, Blenheim Palace Forestry for many huge tree trunks and interesting wood, the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials staff, and Philip Hitchcox for our floral couture wall. Thanks to Harry and James for helping out during the course of the year. Welcome Barry to the team. This blog is dedicated to all of our lovely clients, colleagues, hard working staff team, suppliers, friends, followers and 

Breeze 2004 - 2016

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Winter Wonderland

Friday, December 23, 2016 - 10:52

Greetings and welcome to our Winter Wonderland post - the last of 2016. In the mad dash to Sunday and amidst all of the festivities we have taken our inspiration from the wonders of the great outdoors and Winter lands. Enjoy!


 Join us again in January 2017 for a fresh outlook on the world and design. 

there will be the Underworld exploration...

and also early next year : The Design Icons blogs. First up, Savage Beauty

That's a wrap from us for 2016. We would like to thank all our clients, colleagues and suppliers for a great year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


Winter Wonderland Sourcebook

Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Google Images,

Photographer Paul Zizka @ Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park in Canada - Methane Bubbles trapped,

Richard Peters (, Lake Baikal in Siberia, Alexander McQueen

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