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creating your signature style

Whether you have a small front garden, a sprawling drive or just enough room for some window boxes we believe that your front of house is a great way to put your signature style on your home.

Your home front should inspire you and welcome others. A high ratio of greenscaping to hardscaping is essential. A home front that reflects the seasons can be a joy to maintain and such an approach can keep your house and garden looking fresh.
because first impressions last...


 When styling home fronts we look at            the whole picture, whilst always fulfilling your needs we also take in to consideration your house style and it's location.



Get in touch with us to get your home front up to admirable standards. Whatever your style - we will take care of the details.

  • Planting including mature trees, cut flower gardens and low maintenance
  • Winter smart gardens
  • Driveways with a little something extra stylish
  • Lighting
  • Feature planters
  • Railings
  • Window treatments
  • Bespoke and automated gates
  • Bin hides and logstores
  • Paths and entrances
  • Fabulous front doors
  • Watering solutions
  • Lawns

good to know…

Parking is often an issue but we have lots of solutions to creating parking in conjunction with sustaining a welcoming garden. 

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