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extending living space

garden offices, studios, gyms, outdoor kitchens

Extending your living space into the garden can solve many internal limitations of the available space in your house. On the other hand - having a studio, office, gym in a garden setting can create great segregation and feel like a proper means to retreat. 

Garden offices and studios are fully insulated  for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. These secure outdoor rooms are designed to complement your property and they always showcase stunning interiors.

They are immaculately finished inside and out. Internally plastered and decorated to your specifications, they have fully installed lighting, electrics and underfloor heating.

"bringing outside in and living inside out"

Get in touch with us for your bespoke garden retreat.

"Like the gardens, no two outdoor buildings that we design and build are ever exactly the same. They are ultimately designed to fulfill our clients needs."

These outdoor rooms are always designed to nestle comfortably within your exterior space and to become an integral part of your garden and home. 

This bespoke service is designed and constructed to meet your specific requirements and to fit within your available space, providing you with cost effective solutions to extending your home.

garden structures & shelter

Structures act to enclose and define areas, frame views, hide unsightly roof lines and to create dappled shade.

Many are multi-functional with scope to attach sun shades and lighting, hang sconces and chandeliers and grow scented climbers. Often they house outdoor spas - hot tubs and changing areas - including for swimming pools.

An outdoor kitchen set up - albeit a small barbecue area will always benefit from weather protection, making all year round use achievable.

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good to know…

We give a great deal of thought and attention to how your garden building will blend with the context it is in. Sometimes the building becomes a feature. At other times it might be desirable for it be obscured from view, or even screened totally by planting.

We also extend our vision to the interior of the building and how this will translate within your garden, suit your needs and always how it will reflect the outdoors.