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Vanilla sky

and then it snowed... and Britain once again ground to a halt. It's as if we gamble every year on the chance that it won't snow. Will it, won't it? Yes it will.

Eye candy

it will be all light on the night

Welcome to our first festive blog. To kick off the season we are quite simply bringing you some inspirational exterior lighting installations. Prepare to be dazzled.

Autumn falls

As Autumn takes its leave we take a look at a few events of the season.

if you go down to the woods today...

The Dog Blog

One of the greatest pleasures this season is to see our dogs romping through fallen leaves, diving in clusters of them and just generally enjoying the crunchiness of Autumn under their paws. It's a universal joy. We are all quite partial to our collective pets over here so we apologise in advance... if you don't like dogs this blog won't be for you!

Pulp Fiction

It’s time for our Halloween blog and it’s a big one.

A cosy night out

Now that all is Autumnal and the shift in seasons has afforded us a largely dry spell, your outdoor season can be extended if you have two fundamentals covered: warmth and light.

all Orla

“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple...” 

Sunsational September

September has arrived and once again it has delivered some much needed warmth and sunny rays here in the UK. It's set to stay that way too.