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Floral Engineers

There are artists using plants and flowers as their medium and who are challenging our notions of floral ‘arranging’ and design. These are the new wave, at the cutting edge of floral artistry. These are the Floral Engineers and they are yielding exciting results as they harness nature and manipulate cut flowers in to the architecture of their designs.


Strike a posy : Floral Couture

Beauty & the Beasts

The renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby has bravely approached his series of wildlife portraits for the World Wildlife Fund in a strikingly paired down and minimalistic manner.

The woman who lived in a shoe

Love or loathe her art, it’s undeniable that Niki de Saint Phalle was a visionary and a woman who blasted her way (literally) through an era of art dominated by men.

Out styled

When it’s cold outside there is nothing lovelier than retreating inside your warm home with all of its comforts. 



Menacing and splendidly ghastly, we would like to introduce you to Amy Stewart’s fascinating chronicle of the evildoers that may lurk in your very own garden…

Vanilla sky

and then it snowed... and Britain once again ground to a halt. It's as if we gamble every year on the chance that it won't snow. Will it, won't it? Yes it will.

Eye candy

it will be all light on the night

Welcome to our first festive blog. To kick off the season we are quite simply bringing you some inspirational exterior lighting installations. Prepare to be dazzled.